How does the iPad support student success?

A pencil is just a pencil until you write with it

Any tool is just a tool until you turn it into an implement of learning. An iPad is just a tool (or toy) until you use it to engage students to higher levels of thinking and to support academic success. Once you get beyond the "shiny, new toy" stage, you are ready to think about how you can utilize the "WOW" factor of the iPad to your benefit.

Begin to think about how you can use the iPad in your classroom. The ISTE app and the Common Core app may jump start some out of the box thinking about how you can use technology to support the 21st Century learners in your classroom. Sometimes it isn't about doing new things but polishing up doing what you have already found to be successful... by incorporating technology tools.

Let's look at some of the "new" standards and begin to think about how they can be addressed using the iPad...