Tarpon Springs Middle School Lesson Plan Template

If you want to use this template on your iPad:

  • Press and hold your finger on the text
  • When you see "copy" and the blue dragging buttons, drag the button until the whole text is selected
  • Press on the word "copy"
  • Open the Notes program or any other word processor you have on the iPad
  • Open a new note or document
  • Press your finger on the screen until you have the option to Paste
  • Select this text and delete it

For aYouTube video of these directions, go to:

Now you can respond to the sections of the template...

Happy planning!


PLC Content:


Evidence (teacher to indicate on the plan):




Lesson Objective:


Tier II: Interventions/Differentiation:


Literacy in the content area:


Rigor& Higher Level Thinking/Questioning:

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