Week 3 - Metamorphosis

Development of any organism is pretty amazing, particularly for the more complex organisms (in which I would include insects). However, to fully appreciate that process in the insects we need to look more into a process called metamorphosis. Most insects at some point in their life cycle change from one form to another. This change is generally radical, and makes it really challenging to connect the two organisms based on appearance alone. Check out the readings below to get a better idea of this process.


Video - Metamorphosis time lapse of a Monarch Butterfly

Video - Metamorphosis time lapse of a Cicada

Video - Insect Metamorphosis Overview


Focus Questions:

  1. What is the difference between incomplete and complete metamorphosis?
  2. What evolutionary advantage would metamorphosis serve?
  3. Are there examples of insects that never undergo metamorphosis? Why is that so?
  4. What other animals undergo metamorphosis?

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