Week 4 - Identifying Insects

So you know you have an insect, but you are unsure of exactly what type of insect it is. As you become more familiar, you may be able to spot ID a lot of insects, but as we are learning it is pretty nice to have some kind of guide to help us along. Since insects are so diverse, you will likely not have a chance to identify the insect down to species, particularly without good tools to magnify the insect and see the finer details. However, we will be able to narrow it down to the various orders of insects using some keys. 


Guiding Questions:

  • How accessible are the dichotomous keys you read through? Do you think the average person could use them?
  • What advantage would a person have if they were able to distinguish between various insect orders?
  • How may we easily divide the insect groups into categories people can relate to easily?

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